Media Information

Contact information

Communications, media contacts and interview requests
Tuomas Kinnunen, Marketing Manager, SRV
p. +358 40 651 2309


Material Bank

This material bank is a service for UROS LIVE’s network and partners. The most up-to-date presentations, images and other materials can be found from the material bank. You’ll get your own personal log-in information by registering as a user.

  • UROS LIVE arena’s partners can download materials from the material bank for promotional use.
  • You can register as a material bank user by filling out the form below.

If you have already registered as a material bank user, please log in here.

Other media information

Conceptual images and other material can be found in the SRV image bank.

  • For other parties, the use of images must always be agreed separately. Images may not be used in contexts other than those approved by the arena project or SRV. Inquiries about the use of images can be sent to: