A vibrant hybrid city block

The Tampere Deck connects two parts of the city

The Tampere Deck will launch a new era of urban environment and experiences in Finland. The Tampere Deck, developed and built by SRV, will be a bustling 24/7 city block with a world-class experience arena, hotel, casino, five magnificent tower blocks as well as business and office spaces offering comprehensive services. The design and planning by the world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind will form a smooth entity that will redefine the city’s skyline. Once completed, in 2021-2025, the Tampere Deck will offer approximately 1,000 new homes, 300 hotel rooms and 13,000 m2 of modern commercial and office premises. The total scope of the project is 110,000 m2 and the total value is around EUR 550 million. The first-phase investment agreement accounts for approximately EUR 340 million of the total value. During the first phase, which is taking place in 2017-2022, the southern railway yard will be covered with a deck, where an arena, practice rink, hotel and two tower blocks are being built, while the northern deck and three tower blocks will be built during the second phase. According to the schedule, the Tampere Deck will be completed in 2025. You can watch a live stream of the construction site. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter on the progress of construction work here. More information about the Tampere Deck project can be found on the SRV website.