Tappara: Tappara is a state of mind

Tappara is a state of mind

Aki Holma, Tappara
”The most important thing that we’ll bring to the new arena is the unique atmosphere of the Hakametsä ice hockey arena.” Aki Holma, Tappara

More than 50 years ago, in 1965, Tappara moved from an outdoor rink to the then brand new ice rink in Hakametsä. The team’s history will enter a new chapter after the next season as they move to the new state-of-the-art arena in late 2021.

Both Tappara and its fans expect UROS LIVE to lift ice hockey events to a new, international level. Events will no longer involve just ice hockey but experiences and the experience industry, which will be particularly important in terms of international ice hockey events such as the European Champions Hockey League. The arena will provide a platform for world-class ice hockey, experiences and new business opportunities. Could e-sports be part of Tappara’s future in addition to traditional ice hockey?

In the new UROS LIVE arena, everything will be new, big and modern, including the technical features. But even if the tools and equipment are of the highest quality, people must first learn how to use them. If you give an average driver a Ferrari and ask him to drive as fast as he can, he’s sure to struggle. The same applies to the new arena. The opportunities are endless, but practise is required.

The elements behind a sporting success are not necessarily obvious to outsiders and audiences, who, however, have expectations for their team, the game and the venue. Sporting events are evolving and are offering more audience-friendly and interactive entertainment and experiences than before. During an ice hockey season, this has to happen 40 times.

UROS LIVE offers great opportunities to develop ice hockey and other related activities. It’s a unique and visible project, which can further increase ice hockey’s popularity in Pirkanmaa. The new arena will also be of interest to professional players, making Tappara and Ilves even more attractive teams.

The most important thing that we’ll bring to the new arena is the unique atmosphere of the Hakametsä ice hockey arena. Such an atmosphere takes years to achieve. Fan culture and related traditions must be preserved: supporters must feel comfortable and at home even at the new home arena.

Aki Holma, Director of Sales and Marketing, Tappara

Tappara, founded in 1955, is a Tampere-based ice hockey and figure skating club with a team in the Finnish Ice Hockey League. Tappara, known as Tammerfors Bollklubb (TBK) before 1955, has won the Finnish Championships 17 times. Read more